New generation of substrates
for culturing microorganisms

Harness the full power of microorganisms
with our mucus models, universal and
customized substrates

Main Features

The vast majority of microorganisms are not culturable in vitro.

By copying key properties of the human mucus, Bac3Gel® provides advanced 3D substrates exhibiting micro-gradients for the culture of microorganisms.

It is now possible to sustain different microbiota in the laboratory to generate and test new solutions for healthcare and wellness.

Mucus-like Chemistry
3D Architecture
Viscoelastic Properties
Gradient Structure

Our substrates use the human mucus as an inspiration, the place where most microorganisms live in our body

A 3D mesh architecture is embedded within the substrates, enabling microorganism typical behaviour

Highly controlled viscoelasticity enables the modelling of native habitats, regulating microorganism freedom of movement

Bac3Gel® substrates with gradient provide a continuous range of different microenvironments to enable different microorganisms to cohabitate in the same culture
Beyond microenvironment tuneability, Bac3Gel® can be made in various shapes and forms from multi-well plates, transwells, and syringes to big containers and customized solutions
At the end of culture, by dissolving Bac3Gel® substrates with our dissolution media, it is possible to recover cells in a single step
Bac3Gel® substrates enable highthroughput testing by being available in multiwell plates or in syringes ready for distribution in highthroughput platforms

Our product formats are typical plasticware compatible with lab equipment commonly used in the lab

Fully Tuneable
1-step Cell Recovery
High Throughput
Standard Operability


Pharmacokinetic studies
Permeability assessment and determination of drug-mucus interaction
Recreate microbiota
Support the growth of natural living communities of microorganisms or pathogens
Efficacy testing
Test the efficacy of drugs or the impact of a bacterium over complex microbial communities

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