Bac3Gel® Substrates

Microbiome Communities

Mucus is a human-designed barrier that covers all organs interfacing with the outside world – lungs, stomach, intestines, vagina, among others. Mucus protects us from potential threats, but also determines the absorption of drugs, food and microbiome-derived metabolites into the bloodstream.

Select the organ of interest to check our products for determining mucus permeability and culture human microbiota.

Airway Human Mucus

Protects against airborne particles, pollutants, smoke, allergens.

Limits the diffusion of aerosolised drugs (e.g. antimicrobials, antivirals, corticosteroids, anaesthetics).

Home to microbial communities in physiological or pathological states, among which Streptococcus, HaemophilusStaphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella.

Check our products to determine airway permeability and culture human airway microbiota in eubiosis and dysbiosis.

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Gastric Human Mucus

Physical protection against ingested particles.

Prevents the direct contact of digestive enzymes (pepsin) and the mucosa.

The core gastric microbiota is comprised by Prevotella, Streptococcus, Veillonella, Rothia and Haemophilus, while in pathological conditions, Helicobacter Pylori is also present.

Check our products to determine stomach permeability and culture human gastric microbiota in eubiosis and dysbiosis.

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Intestinal Human Mucus

The intestinal mucus houses trillions of microbes in the human gut – gut microbiota.

Protects the intestinal epithelium from coming into direct contact with bacteria, fungi and virus, thus preventing inflammatory and infection processes.

Governs the passage of microbiome-derived metabolites until these reach the intestinal epithelium.

Check our products to determine intestinal permeability and culture human gut microbiota.

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Cervicovaginal Human Mucus

Provides uterine lubrification and hydration.

Limits urinary infections and during pregnancy it is in the form of plug to prevent contamination of the foetus.

Conception regulation via alterations in mucus viscoelastic properties, affecting spermatozoa travel.

Predominantly inhabited by Lactobacilli, but also GardnerellaPrevotella spp.

Check our products to determine cervicovaginal permeability and culture cervicovaginal microbiota.

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Universal Bac3Gel

Hard to Culture Microorganisms

78% of known bacteria are currently not culturable in the lab. Universal-Bac3Gel® was developed to address this problem.
Within Universal-Bac3Gel® bacteria find a wide variety of culture conditions in a single substrate, allowing them to migrate to the local environment containing ideal conditions for them.
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Customized Solutions

Upon order of any Bac3Gel products, whether it is a customized solution, a Mucus Model or the Universal-Bac3Gel®, the following features can be selected:


- Syringe
- Multiwell plate from 6 to 96 wells
- Transwell inserts
- PAMPA membrane
- Customized format of your choosing

Culture medium

- Mueller-Hinton
- Luria Bertania
- Brain heart infusion
- Culture medium of your choosing


- Mucin
- Phosphatidylcholine (lipids)
- Albumin
- A supplement of your choosing

Oxygen Content

- Aerobic
- Microaerophilic
- Anaerobic

Viscoelastic Properties

- Storage modulus
- Loss modulus
- Stiffness

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